What To Do In a Trash Strike

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Have you ever thought about what your city would look like if the local trash collection workers went out on strike? New York City residents experienced just such a situation in the year 1968. Sanitation workers went on strike over a dispute in salary. The strike lasted for nine days and the city was knee deep in garbage. It was an ugly sight to behold. Imagine the stench that must have permeated the air. Having lived in Florida for the better part of my life, my family has never experienced anything even remotely akin to this sort of thing. I sincerely hope that we never do! However, if such unfortunate circumstances should occur, I think it would be a wise and interesting idea to call for Dumpster Rentals Hollywood to take on the task of trash removal. It would certainly ease my mind as well as other peoples’ minds in my community. In retrospect there was a time when my family and I lived in a local apartment complex a few years ago that 

the apartment trash bin (one of those commercial type electronic  ones) broke down and the management didn’t get it fixed for about a week. All of the tenants piled their trash bags outside of the container and it was a sorry looking mess, not to mention how bad it smelled.

There were even some people who decided it was okay to put their filled trash bags on the outside of their apartments. Not cool! That’s one of the reasons that we moved out of the complex.


I have had two family members that worked the trash collection circuit in the past and it was the time when they had to jump off of the trucks and empty the cans by hand onto the vehicle. It was hard work. Even though the workers now usually have the automatic mechanisms that grab the containers and dump the garbage, I’m sure it can still be a tedious sweaty job. We honor all of our heroes such as nurses, doctors, teachers, etc. and rightly so but all too often the folks who clean our homes and the crews that take away our trash tend to get overlooked and under appreciated, thus the incident of the famous New York City sanitation walkout. Without essential workers our lives would be a little bleak.  Thanks to all of them we have a much better world in which to live.

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